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Brief history on Signage

Signage means the company name board and usage of it traces back to Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. Romans used it to display in front of shop which were made of terracotta or stone. They also had whitened areas in the shop wall where signs were written. Chinese too developed a niche in making logos for their products. By 16th century it was vogue to have signage, artistic values were added to the metal poles too where in the signs were hung. 19th century saw the rush in painting of sign boards. 20th century paved way for illuminated signboards and by 1920’s neon sign boards were introduced in USA. LED signage is the latest technology of 21st century.

Our Company

TUBE LIGHTS (Pvt) Ltd is one the leading pioneers in signage industry. With their strong presence of over 70 years in the industry, they enjoy the goodwill of many businesses and industrial establishments throughout South India. TUBE LIGHTS (Pvt) Limited was establised in the year 1948 and was promoted by the partners of M/s V. Perumal Chetty & Sons, Chennai, who were the pioneers in stationery business since 1840. TUBE LIGHTS (Pvt) Limited specializes in NEON signs, LED signs, ACP signs, metal signs and vinyl signs LED signs are TUBELIGHTS (Pvt) Limited’s latest forte. Advantages of having LED signs are it is very personable, can offer dynamic information to customers passing by and invokes impulsive purchasing. An LED signage is a very important marketing tool for a company and it is important they use the system to the fullest to reap the largest return. Study in USA shows that companies who have added outdoor LED sign has an increase in sale of even upto 150% with an overall less running cost. LED signs are power (consumption) friendly and available in multicolours. Can be used as a scrolling sign or for a backlit signage. TUBE LIGHTS (Pvt) Limited uses completely updated technology by adopting international standards and by undertaking turnkey jobs, starting from site inspection, planning, designing, manufacturing, structural fabrication, installation and maintenance. TUBE LIGHTS (Pvt) Limited signs carry a guarantee of one year against any manufacturing defects and also include free servicing for the first year. Being well equipped with trained and qualified personnel, TUBE LIGHTS (Pvt) Limited undertake regular servicing on a contractual basis after the first year.

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